Introduction of IPD services

International Patient Department (IPD)

Medical Tourism or healthy Tourism denotes a trip that is taken to other countries for the sake of treatment. Absence of similar therapeutic techniques, high medical costs and lack of high medical technologies in the country of origin are some of the reasons for this type of tourism. On the other hand, with respect to suitable medical tariffs in Iran compared to other regional states and giving high quality medical and nursing services at international level, many patients are tended to take trip to Iran to receive healthcare and medical services and this has caused Iran, our dear country, to become as one of the main centers for medical tourism in the region

International Patient Department at NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic

International Patient Department at NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic is one of the most equipped and updated clinics throughout Iran and Tehran city. Having many specialists and experienced medical personnel, NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic tries to welcome all referents from all countries. NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic always tries in various wards to present all of specialists and advanced facilities to give services to the dear patients

NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic presents advanced and extraordinary facilities in ophthalmology, oronasopharingeal, rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery, skin and hair to give services to the interested patients abroad. It should be mentioned that all of facilities and equipment existing in NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic are the most advanced and state-of-art facilities and equipment in the world

Locating at the center of Tehran city, NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic is available for dear patients at high level and very easily. With more than two decades of experiences in the various fields of oronasopharingeal, rhinoplasty and plastic surgery, skin and hair and ophthalmology, this clinic has given specialist and very advanced medical services to the eager and dear patients abroad for several long years

Likewise, it should be noted that several English, French and Arabic interpreters are always present in NOVINDIDEGAN Clinic to convey messages between physicians and referents and this potential may create good ease of mind for dear referents and patients of abroad so that they could transfer their own messages to the personnel and specialist physicians comfortably