About Novin Didegan Clinic

NOVIN DIDEGAN Specialist Complex was established in the fields of ophthalmology, oronasopharyngeal, dermatology and hair in 1999 and with the presence of a group of academic professors and most experienced specialist physicians of the country and utilization from the state-of-art medical equipment and laser and paraclinical devices and premium personnel, this clinic gives services to dear people by means of equipped operational rooms, outpatient operation room, LASIK eye surgery room, hospitalization ward and private rooms every day

The most advanced and latest instruments and facilities are utilized by surgeons in operation room of this complex to perform various types of surgery in different fields of ophthalmology, oronasopharyngeal, rhinoplasty and revised plastic surgery. All of existing facilities and instruments for analysis of eye status in optometric ward in Laser center and in paraclinical and ophthalmological ward cause fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment for the related patients. Having advanced devices in Excimer Laser for removal of refractive defects in LASEK and LASIK surgery ward causes a great number of patients from all point of country to succeed for this surgical operation at this center. Despite numerous advanced laser systems in dermatological and hair ward, this provides potential for the referents to be benefitted from more accurate diagnosis and therapy at laser center and skin and hear specialist clinic that exist in this complex

NOVIN DIDEGAN Specialist and Professional Clinic always tried to give services based on instructions and standards served by Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
Focusing on diagnostic and therapeutic activities, this clinic reduces several referrals of patients to ophthalmological centers and at the same time to present the best and highest quality ophthalmological therapies using the state-of-art equipment and instruments in ophthalmological world

NIVIN DIDEGAN Clinic has aimed and will aim for higher welfare, high-quality treatment and relaxation to the patients.

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